August 31, 2014


I'm wearing 
sunglasses KSUBI 
shoes NIKE

Winter is still creeping around in Brisbane, hence still leaving me the chance to wear sleeves and layers (yay!). In my small world, things are starting to get busy, so I don't have time to scrutinise over and plan   'perfect, completely balanced' outfits. Recently I've been turning to 'no-brainer', comfy and chic pieces that look sassy in just about any combo. More than anything, of late I've been all about pieces that have that oversized-Slouch factor (- think oversized sweaters, long flowing skirts and trousers and paired with some uber comfortable sneakers).

Enter my new favourite 'black out' outfit (which I recently wore out shopping and lunching with friends), centred around my delightful new embroidered sweater. So I love oversized silhouettes and longer lengths (and more so simultaneously) but at the same time I'm a sucker for indulgence. I can't go past beautiful, indulgent pieces. And so this Jaggar sweater is perfect, deceptively warm and cozy with this beautiful orient-inspired avian embroidery - I can't wait to get more wear out of this baby until summer approaches...

Photos by Jonathan Rae

August 27, 2014


I'm wearing
leather skirt ESKA ALIKAI
bag 3.1 PHILLIP LIM 

So clearly no metaphor was intended by the title... But surprisingly the colour is such a rare guest on the blog that it has earned itself a title. And it is always exciting when I find ways to Chameleon-ize with my surroundings...
So tartan and leather. Two of my fatal attractions, plus, a true mach made in heaven (I say). And even more so dreamy when conceived through the spunky eyes of Jaggar (The Label). This charming Jaggar shirt dress is just the newbie needed to spice things up in my winter-wardrobe, particularly considering the dominance of accumulating monochromatic numbers these cooler months.
As usual I'm wearing my rad Ford and Harris spike earrings. They've almost become a uniform-esque, second skin to me. I feel lonely leaving home without them! 


Photos by Francesca Guterres 

August 25, 2014



Spring is right at our doorstep and I've already began embracing the imminent spring vibes in the air. For starters, I'm all for getting into flowing lightweight, airy flowing pieces like this dynamic white duo which is currently my no1 favourite outfit. I am smitten with this little delicate double strapped Keepsake top and how synergistically it works with this beautifully crafted Michael Lo Sordo combo. With the cooler months easing off, I'm excited to wear these gems more and more...

August 20, 2014


Tasfia is wearing: 
sweater FIRST BASE 
coat COS (similar here
sunglasses RAY BAN

I'm wearing: 
skirt DION LEE 
bag 3.1 PHILLIP LIM 

A fluorescent and monochromatic affair featuring the super cozy outfits Tasfia and I sported during a lazy, icy, rainy day brunching and frolicking about Sydney. It seems  I've been dipping my feet in the monochromatic pool ALOT of late but here I am back to my roots, wearing two of my fave funky fluoro pieces together. This fluff-ball of a sweater by Karla Spetic is one of the newest additions to my wardrobe family. Photos can't do any justice to just how blindingly fluorescent it is, or how cloud-like and cozy it is on one's body...
(PS: Does anyone know why blogger is distorting the colours and sharpness of my photos and how to get around it?)

Happy weekend cuties 

August 18, 2014


I’m wearing

So I’m back at home, back to my usual creature comforts. Major pro: being reunited with my cutie-pie cat Claudius. Major con: no longer having access to the twinnie’s (Tasfia’s) ample leather jacket collection and ahem, of course no longer being in her company (especially after a week together). 

It is so often the case that I have a pretty specific (but not exact) idea of a particular kind of outfit in mind. But, more often than not, the reality (i.e. what is out there in the market) doesn’t meet one's expectation or your desires. (I kinda feel like I’m reciting a self-help book) but this happens way too often for me. I want to wear a cool all blue outfit in interesting silhouettes but can’t find the suave pieces to constitute it. I wan’t to wear a stripe and check outfit with the top and bottoms in opposing colours and stripe directions but can't find the right pieces to synergize with. The latter was the dilemma I tried to face when conceiving this look. I didn’t have any contrasting stipe and check pieces to wear together so I made a skirt out of  this delightful diagonally striped dress with this piece of Cris-cross perfection over it and I kinda really liked the effect. I didn’t really wear this look to share on the blog but somehow it has squeezed its way onto this little corner of the world wide web...


August 13, 2014


I'm wearing 
sunglasses SHAKUHACHI 
coat COS 
sandals TONY BIANCO (similar here

Tasfia is wearing 
shoes KOBE HUSK 

Here in chilly Sydney, bare legs and exposed midriffs are haphazard and off-bounds, but back in Brisbane (where we wore these get-ups last weekend) spring is undeniably at our doorstep. Or more accurately, on a typical August day in Brisbane, winter graces us in the AM hours, and brings the opportunity to bring out the coats and jackets. Around midday spring-like warmth pays a visit, making cropped tops, bare backs and legs temperature-appropriate :D 
These outfits are two of our favourite trans-seasonal kits. I've recently developed a mild obsession with 'white out' or 'washed out outfits' 


August 11, 2014



Tasfia is wearing
coat ASOS (similar here and here
shoes TONY BIANCO (similar here

I'm wearing
wrist cuff/bracelet: FORD AND HARRIS 
earrings: FORD AND HARRIS 
shoes WINDSOR SMITH (similar here

Cue the trumpets, release the doves because the twinnie, Tasfia is finally back on the blog! But, more importantly, she is reunited with yours truly! While I've been rendezvousing overseas, over the past month, Tasfia has been super busy with her med-student life here in Sydney. 
For the next couple of days, I'll be here in Sydney with her just relaxing and unwinding, It has been too long since I was here in this fine city! 
First impressions: it feels as if I've crossed time zones and moved polewards because the winter chills here in Sydney are at least a good 10-15 degrees celsius cooler than the native Brisbane!

These shots were taken during frolics in Brisbane last weekend, featuring two delightful, buttery smooth leather pieces have made their way into our lives of late - (1) Tasfia's dreamy May the Label shorts and my beautiful Jaggar jacket - So swoon-worthy and perfect just in time for this cold weather shock...