July 30, 2014


top ZARA (similar here
pants ZARA 
jacket ZARA 
sandals WINDSOR SMITH (similar here)

After a brief hiatus, I'm finally back on this space!
I briefly discussed it before, but I'm all for 'relaxed dressing'. Pants and me don't get along too well, but when we do, they come in the baggy, low cut, and boyfriend variety. This Zara pair is the perfect pair of pants for a lazy day about town or museum frolics as in this case in Seoul, South Korea :D


July 20, 2014


dress MARY KATRANTZOU (similar here)
earrings HOLLY RYAN
shoes WINDSOR SMITH (similar here)

The print of this dress is marvellous enough to earn it another appearance on this humble corner of the World Wide Web. Undeniably wardrobe is heavy in spunky, unique prints however this one is my fave among them all, for now anyway. I wore this Mary Katrantzou number shopping around and coffee shop hopping around Gangnam in Seoul...

July 17, 2014


ear cuffs : FORD AND HARRIS 
spike earrings: FORD AND HARRIS 
top: ZARA 
skirt: ZARA
shoes: WINDSOR SMITH (similar here)

Serendipitously, it seems, I tend to often find myself blending i with my fantastical surroundings...
I'm not, and never have been that typical girly-girl. I tend to shy away from sweet-heart necklines, florals, lace, full-flowing skirts and the like and most pieces which hone femininity without integrating some edginess or sass. However, I've eternally had a little soft spot for pink. Taking a little journey through time - I'm 'that' twin dressed in pink in baby photos, as a gangly ten year old, and in my tweens too it seems that I've always been the twin clad in pin while Tas was dressed in blue or the like. And the apple has not fallen far from the tree since then. More than anything it seems, the radius of my soft spot has only increased. 

On our first day back in Seoul, my mum and I made our way back into Hongdae, A very cute fun and fresh part of Seoul. Naturally I was drawn right back into the charming Hello Kitty Cafe for a coffee and sweet treat...

July 14, 2014


Tasfia is wearing
Wool sweater ZIMMERMANN (similar here and here)
skirt ESKA ALIKAI (similar here)

I'm (Fabliha) wearing
top and skirt boohoo

90% of Tasfia's wardrobe pieces exist in the realms of buttery smooth leather skirts and jackets, indulgent woollen knit sweaters and stripes galore (although the latter is another story altogether). It kinda makes good  sense because they are a pretty fail-safe pieces to always depend on. The two newest members of the leather and woollen knit families she's been nurturing this season are this Eska Alikai skirt and delightful Zimmermann cable knit respectively. Somehow it feels all the more rewarding to wear subtly indulgent 'minimal' pieces in all black combos in the winter right? 

July 10, 2014


bag 3.1 PHILLIP LIM 
sandals TONY BIANCO (similar here
cap from Seoul 

This bi-annually-visiting vacation sloth is really settling in this time - it seems that my latest dormancy period has lasted over a week but I'm totally steadfast on beating my regular vacation sloth this time round, well from now onwards anyway.

These shots were taken on day 2 of our short rendezvous in Seoul. Although it is our third time in Seoul, the 'razzle dazzle' or the 'candy coating' of this delightful city never seems to wear off. Rather, being hear a third time makes me all the more charmed by this marvellous city. Having traversed an at least 15 degrees (Celsius) warmer distance, I finally have the chance to wear some un-jacketed sleeveless-ness, in this case in the form of this frayed denim goodness from Front Row shop. I don't know if it is just the radness of Front Row shop, or perhaps something new in the air that has gotten me suddenly transformed me into a denim wearer...

July 7, 2014


skirt ESKA ALIKAI (similar here and here
bag PROENZA SCHOULER (similar here and here
leather jacket EMMA MULHOLLAND
sunglasses KSUBI 

Recently I've been adamant on introducing some basic, yet interesting and 'impactful' t-shirts into my wardrobe. This Christopher Kane number is the first target of this recent haul. I love how it is reminiscent of magnetic or electric field lines...It kinda really marries well together with these stellar Holly Ryan Magnetic field earrings, right? 

July 4, 2014


Tasfia is wearing: 
denim skirt (similar here
sandals TONY BIANCO (similar here

I'm wearing: 
sunglasses SHAKUHACHI 

This little space on the world wide web has been quiet lately - it seems, that I've again spiralled into another bout of vacation-induced blogging-sloth. This time, I have a somewhat better excuse than usual - my laptop has been seriously playing up! But, lucky for me, today it has decided to play nice so that I can finally pump out this post! 

Isn't it refreshing to see the Tasfia's face again on the blog? It has been around a month since I last saw her! Despite all the fun I've been having on this overseas rendezvous, I'm excited to be reunited soon! 
These shots were taken last month during one of Tasfia's brief visits to Brisbane, amidst her exam studying.

Recently I've been all for a lil bit of day-time glamour, toned down with some casual shoes like this delightful Keepsake dress and ROC boots combo. 

Tasfia has also begun nurturing a love of all things tartan and plaid (in a manner akin to her love of stripes). This sassy Asillo sweater  was the start of perhaps another fatal addiction...