June 29, 2014


I'm wearing: 

necklace MANIA MANIA

I'm the kinda girl that prefers slouchy over fitted and longer lengths over mini's. I'm not the conservative-type at all (I also have a soft spot for cropped tops, low necked and sleeveless numbers) but I am all for the 'relaxed' style. I'm the kinda girl that when buying a fitted dress goes up two sizes often enough to seriously shock shop girls and very often annoy Tasfia. This blue MLM dress is that perfect combination of relaxed vibes and chic-ness that I'm all for. It is that, easy yet simply sassy piece that looks amazing if you just thoughtlessly throw it on for a weekend brunch, a night out or just about any occasion. 

Also, here is another two ticks off my obsession list I mentioned earlier - waves and Lack of Colorr hat spunkiness because I clearly haven't recovered from my addictions yet.

June 25, 2014


I'm wearing: 
bag 3.1 PHILLIP LIM 
shoes WINDSOR SMITH (similar here and here

Firstly say hello to the newest beholder of the most beautiful earrings ever conceived - yes, ME :). These Holly Ryan Hoop earrings are currently the #1 subject of my romantic affections. They are the perfect synergy of futuristic minimalism with a hint of 80's spunkiness, making them compatible with just about every outfit in my wardrobe! I love the effect these earrings add to an outfit so much that I really had to restrain myself from piling any more photos onto this post. I hope this isn't too many photos of my pores up close for you to handle! 

Secondly, It is rare to find me in jeans, and even more 'once in a blue moon'-like to find me in denim jeans however this fabulous Front Row wide leg pair has the overflowing seductive 'flair' to draw me onto the denim jeans bandwagon - I am seriously smitten! There was a latent denim wearer hidden in me somewhere, it just took the right pair of jeans to let it out!  I love their casual relaxed slouchi-ness and wrap-over design. They are also perfect for these cooler months where I'm controlled by comfort-driven dressing. 

This is my last post before I jet-set overseas the day after tomorrow so I hope I'll have a lot of interesting new content in store for you next month!

Adios cuties

June 22, 2014


Tasfia is wearing 
boots KOBE HUSK 

I'm wearing 
shoes TONY BIANCO (similar here and here) 

My posting schedule adds fuel to the illusion that Tasfia and I are perpetually together and forever twinning way. However, the sad reality is that I haven't seen the twister in weeks!
These shots were taken weeks back, during one of Tas's brief long-weekend visits. Telepathy and the like is out of the question, but Tasfia and I have very different personalities and so we have this sense of 'Ying-Yang duality' going on between us. We in a way each complement what the other lacks.
Later this week,  I'm flying off to a short overseas holiday with my mum and I think I'll feel our separation even more when I'm in foreign surroundings!
It seems that although unconsciously done, we've got a bit of physical ying-yang embodiment going on in this post - both of us are wearing some spunky B & W newbies to our wardrobes that we can't get enough of ….

June 18, 2014



It feels like an entire epoch ago that we were in Sri Lanka, although in reality the days tally up to four months. I've been so set on maintaining the status quo, maintaining the flow of sharing outfit posts as they come  along, that  it seems I've 'bottom-shelved a few of my travel posts past their due date. As I'm going overseas again in a week, I thought it would be wise to finally get this post of the shelves and before your dazzling eyes! 
We were in Sri-Lanka very briefly on our way back from the Maldives earlier this year (for two nights and one day). Thinking of our brief rendezvous in Sri-Lanka reminds me of three things, adorable elephants, road tripping' and the most delicious Lobster that my tastebuds have ever been graced by. During our trip, we only had one full day so we could only commit to one activity really, and so we chose to visit some adorable elephants at an elephant orphanage. I am super keen on re-visiting and exploring the beautiful country some more - especially visiting some national reserves and seeing some cute Leopards in the wild, particularly because I have a mild obsession with big cats! <3 


June 15, 2014


shoes NIKE

It seems I seriously need to expand my vocal repertoire because I keep using the same expressions over and over, but none the less, this post is kinda another ode to three new aesthetic practices I've really been pushing lately: 
Numero Uno is my new obsession with head-gear - Maybe it is the insurgent cold weather, maybe it is because of my recent obsession with EXO, or perhaps its something new in the air but I've been newly  transformed into a head-gear wearer i.e. beanie and hat wearer to the extent that often I feel bare without a spunky beanie or funky hat on. 
(2) Wavy hair- More or less, for the entirety of the last twenty-one years I've had dead-straight hair which is so adamant on being straight that it refuses to be curled, waved, crimped or styled in any other way. I've continuously failed trying to curl/wave my hair with a straightener, with a curling iron and your generic rollers but to no avail! Until, I newly bought a rad set of hot rollers which work magic and I've pretty much gone crazy with it - I've gotten a bit addicted to waving my hair that I feel I must do it  every-time before I leave the house.
(3) Wearing all black everything - somehow I've grown back into wearing all black from time to time… 

June 12, 2014


I'm wearing: 

Tasfia is wearing:
sweater JAC and JAC 
shoes KOBE HUSK 
earrings FORD and HARRIS 
sunglasses RAY BAN 

Tasfia made a brief visit during the long weekend last week during which we quickly snapped up these pix and overdosed on delicious food at our favourite brunch spot (the rest of her stay however was spent with her head in books, preparing for her medical school final exams :'(). 
I must admit that I was excited to have the opportunity to take this black and white duo out for a spin - it is  from The Fifth Label debut collection! 
Tasfia is wearing her two newest 'investment piece' - this Jac and Jac sweater. I am always apprehensive when Tasfia spends a considerable amount of money on a fairly simple piece. However I suppose that now I am convinced that it was worth the investment. Photos do this sweater no justice, the sweater is the most beautiful combination of wool and cashmere it is oh so comfy and has the most delightful texture! :) 

June 9, 2014


Tasfia is wearing: 

I'm wearing: 
necklace SASS AND BIDE 

Here is another little homage to Tasfia's long-standing addiction to prints of the black and white, parallel-lined variety. These two renditions definitely step up the stripe phenomena up a notch. I love the contrasting diagonal stripes and embellished necklice of this beauty of a knit by Toi et Moi and how well it marries with this rad tangental striped midi skirt from Front Row skirt! 

I'm wearing my beautiful new May the Label maxi dress. I'm so smitten with its sweeping neckline and delightful lattice panels. I'm so excited to take this number along with me while I'm overseas later this month :)