May 16, 2014


Better 5 months late than never, right? Because of the constant influx of new content over the last couple of months, It seems I've been perpetually stalling this post. I thought of not posting it at all as it is seemingly so out of the blue, but then I remembered the love that went into each and every one of these shots. So with posting this, It is now or never. 
Here is our third travel diary from a place that truly satisfies the "heaven on earth" cliche - the Maldives (see the first two posts here and here for a refresher) . 

Over the last 21 years, we've been lucky enough to traverse a number of charming places across the globe. From that I understand that each and every single place has its different appeals and suits a different taste or a different perspective of adventure that one is looking for when going on vacation. But saying that, I think the Maldives are a slice of heaven that everyone deserves to treat themselves to at least once in their life time.  The Maldives have everything that one would look for in an island getaway (and more) that it is too frighteningly perfect and picturesque... 

Outfit 1 (Tasfia) dress SOOT, shoes WINDSOR SMITH, sunglasses from KOREA, bag PROENZA SCHOULER 
Outfit 2: dress SARA PHILLIPS, necklace HOLLY RYAN, sunglasses KSUBI via Alterior Motif, shoes WINDSOR SMITH
Outfit 3: dress FRIEND OF MINE, sunglasses LE SPECS, watch MICHAEL KORS
Outfit 4:  dress BEC and BRIDGE, sunglasses from KOREA
Outfit 5: top EMMA MULHOLLAND, skirt ZARA, sunglasses KSUBI from Alterior Motif
Outfit 5 and 6: dress ZIMMERMANN and Tasfia is wearing: dress FRIEND OF MINE


  1. Wow looks absolutely incredible Xx Elle

  2. Oh makes me so jealous of the beautiful beaches! Wish it was still warm and sunny here!

    Away From Blue

  3. Omg so jealous that you guys went to Maldives!!! It's one of my dream destinations. The photographs are absolutely beautiful and you guys look really amazing. x

  4. You guys go on the best holidays! Maldives is so beautiful, definitely putting on the bucket list.


  5. Are you girls f'reaaaaaal? This is insane. Wardrobe envy- no LIFE envy is being felt right now. The outfits are so lovely and complement the vivid backdrop so perfectly. Particulary loving the white jersey and alien pharoah numbers. What a dream.

    From the girls of MVD,

  6. omg it looks so unbelievably pretty !
    it truly is a heaven on earth, so gorgeous
    and you girls look amazing too, love these pictures
    xx ish

  7. I love your photos, the Maldives look gorgeous. And so do you girls! Always my dream to visit there.


  8. Your photos are making me cry! So much amaze.


  9. your travel photos never fail to excite and amaze me!! beautiful shots. I`d love to go there as well too ♥

    ROUGH & TOUGH☯ | I`m on Bloglovin!

  10. so gorgeous! loving all the colors x