May 4, 2014


Tasfia is wearing: dress MACGRAW, coat MACGRAW, shoes ALEXANDER WANG, sunglasses RAY BAN 

I'm wearing: skirt ZIMMERMANN, top CHRISTOPHER ESBER, earrings ISOBEL BADIN, shoes TONY BIANCO (similar here and here) , sunglasses SHAKUHACHI, bag PROENZA SCHOULER

Day four.  Home to our last bona fide twin fashion week dash and tagging #mbfwa, #twinning simultaneously. Day four was a reversal of roles in that I sported an outfit that was relatively subdued while Tasfia's Macgraw duo outfit was of the loud, 'impactful' sort (my typical genre). By day for, all the much ado about what to wear had dissipated, and my outfit choices became a no-brainer. I chose to rely on simple, 'effortless' pieces in my wardrobe which had served me well in the past. I wore my long time love, Zimmermann skirt from a few seasons ago that feels like a perpetual party over your legs. We go way back and have a lot of fun whenever we are together (is the rationale behind my choice) Admittedly, I've worn it before 101 times over. I paired it with these mystical Isobel Badin earrings. They made me feel like a mermaid hybridized with a progressive ballroom belle. I liked it.

It feels as if it has been a whole epoch since we've long bygone the turbulent tides of Mercedes Benz fashion week. So many of its little happenings have fused together into an almost common entity/memory.However, as an exception some shows really left a lasting impression - Namely the game-changing Alice McCall, Macgraw, and Hayley Elsaesser shows. Who would have known that day four would have been fertile ground for inconvenience and small fortune one after another for me - from a lost bank card, unpredictable weather, missing shows because of an overtime lunch and also skipping out on the whole afternoon and night of shows. Excusing my peasant-talk, but I was so super 'devo' to have missed out on the remarkable AJE safari show that ensued.

Wearing top CAMEO, pants CAMEO, coat MACGRAW, boots TONY BIANO, sunglasses SHAKUHACHI, bag 3.1 PHILLIP LIM 

My last outfit of the last day of MBFWA was this monochromatic quadruplet. The weather took a turn to the cooler, wetter and windier corner of the spectrum, and fortunately, as I happen to be a moody dresser, this was perfectly fitting. My top and pants are from Cameo's amazing debut MBFWA collection optics which is inspired by the behavior of light, the way it reflects, refracts and plays before our eyes. Whether it be in high school physics or university physics courses, I've always had always felt some distaste towards optics. However, the Cameo collection presented optics in such a glorious light that I now have so many positive feelings associated to the paradigm. Check out my full coverage of the show here.

No matter how I look at it, Hayley Elsaesser was an ode to all that was delightful and funky about the seventies.  (or late sixties). It was a revival collection but  it combined psychedelic ,and pop art- inspired prints with more modern elements and silhouettes. There are so many deliciously delightful pieces from the collection that I'm currently coveting. 

 Tasfia with babeing  talents behind Lack of Color
Our morning began with an extravaganza of delightfully playful prints, glitter, dreamy lace and surreal, story-telling prints. This wonderland is better known as the Alice McCall show. I loved almost every look!
Polka dots, stripes and beautiful pleats. Our favourite looks from the Macgraw show. 
 Another of our favourite looks from Alice McCall
 Tasfia with the adorable Eloise
 More Hayley Elsaesser pop-art inspired goodness
Fairy-like embroidered lace at Alice McCall

Polka-dot paradise at Macgraw
 With the beautiful Mel from Joy Hysteric
 Magical Alice McCall

Ciao cuties!


  1. in love with Tasfia's shoes
    you both look amazing as always


  2. That Zimmermann skirt is everything! I'd wear it 101 times over too. Uh way to make me even more sad that I didn't go over this year for mbfwa yet again. :( Looks like you guys made it to a few great shows. Those Macgraw Polka dots are neat.
    Too cool for school as always ladies.
    xx Jenelle

  3. WOW great picks from the catwalks and you look stunning as always..Great style!

  4. in love with both your outfits! those earrings are so gorgeous

  5. I love your outfits...

  6. I don't know if any of the outfits here can really be considered "subdued" - they're all super moody and packed with volume! I absolutely loved the pop-art-esque prints at Hayley Elsaesser too :)

  7. The Alice McCall show was such a winner in my books; you're so lucky to have attended!
    I'm kinda of 'devo' I didn't see you girls at MBFWA ... maybe next year

  8. Great colorful style Ladies! :)