April 30, 2014


I'm wearing: top KENZO (similar here and here

Day three was a killer one, jam-packed full with so many shows for me that I was afraid that afterwards it would all mesh together and no show would leave a lasting impression. Fortunately, Wednesday was home to some stellar shows that razzle-dazzled enough to induce a long-lasting impression. I can still remember in detail all the gems that captured my eye during the shows.

Day three was also the one and day that I flied entirely solo. That is, entirely without the twinster, Tasfia. Tas being a medical student had a pretty academically busy week so she could only make it to a few shows here and there and had to sit out from the fashion sphere entirely, on Wednesday. I wasn't able to exactly get as much as or exactly the type of outfit shots I'm usually after :O Nonetheless, I hope they are all to your liking.

My day began with the Dion Lee II show. Minimal, yet incredibly inventive in the way silhouettes were modified and remastered and the way in which layering was achieved. I was in awe of the entire show. So many pieces I need to bag for myself when they hit the racks!

Before night time shows, I took a quick break to change and escape the hell imposed by the Alexander Wang heels I was wearing all day. Here I am wearing: 

The delightful Emma Mulholland show - fun, youthful, quirky and tre-risque! So many pieces that I need to get may hands on! 

With mega cuties Connie, Emma and Kaity

The Duvenage show was filled with beautiful watercolour-esque prints and fluid metallics 

The Romance was Born installation 

Swarovski show sparkle 

 With the lovely Fiona <3

My favourite looks from the Suboo show 

with my favourite cutie, Rachel Dray

My favourites from the Raffles show 

 With cutie Emma Lucey x


  1. Great photos and love you colorful outfit


  2. great outfits. mad love for the kenzo dress!!
    bon x

  3. Gorgeous! I love how colourful this post is. Definitely to my liking!

  4. I especially love Emma Mulholland and Dion Lee`s! I guess I can say I found my new favorite designers x

    I have a new post, btw! It`s called "CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED"

    ROUGH & TOUGH | I`m on Bloglovin!

  5. Amazing photos I am just loving how unique every piece of clothing is and very bold too! p.s I also love your bag!! <3