April 24, 2014


Like last year, I've been trying to stall my Fashion Week diaries to ensure that you aren't bombarded with Fashion Week content all at once. Day two was home to a number of our favourite shows of the week (namely Michael Lo Sordo, Cameo and Maticevski) but was also the beginning of my downwards spiral of fashion week-related sloth. This begin with skipping all of my night time shows on day 2 (whoops!) x

I'm wearing: 
necklace MANIA MANIA 
shoes TONY BIANCO (similar here and here

Tasfia is wearing: 

Our day began with Michael Lo Sordo. Invariably, throughout the show I was in awe of the effortless-looking masterful construction of each piece and the seemingly uncoordinated layering of the pieces that mystically worked together so harmoniously. In a nutshell, the collection centred around taking traditionally highly structured, rigid silhouettes and reconstructing them into something fluid, relaxed and flowing, combined with playfully feminine silhouettes at low doses and a deliciously pastel-palette. 

Above: Our favourite looks from the Leroy Nguyen show 
With Mega cuties Brooke and Lauren

The We are Handsome show is best described by coco cabana meets an african safari. The show seemed to be an extension of previous collections, featuring natural yet seemingly mystical photographic animal prints. The show was vibrant, full of life (literally) and my only regret was that I didn't get the opportunity to play with that adorable snake :'(. 

The Cameo show was miraculously an amalgamation of mine and Tas's favourite clothing elements. The show beautifully progressed from geometric prints, to pieces with neon undertones and accents, to fully fledged neon pieces, to kaleidoscopic prints, to breton stripes and airy sheer pieces. Admittedly I am an incredibly biased spectator. I'm incapable of looking at a collection objectively. I only have eyes for what I would love to see myself in and this collection was abundant in such pieces! 

With my favourite cutie, Rachel Dray
One of our favourite looks from the Michael Lo Sordo show

The Maticevski show gravitated from monochromatic pieces to candy pinks to a flurry of tinsel-esque glimmer, neon orange, florals and geometric prints. However, the individual pieces in the collection did not seem disparate at all - they were all held together by Maticevski's breath-taking sculptural-esque craftsmanship that made each piece in the collection allude to a fantastical fairy-tale realm. 

Another one of our favourite looks from the Cameo show 
With Mega babe Sophia 


  1. you guys look so happy! not to mention how beautiful you two are! i'm so glad i found your blog! :)


  2. So glad you guys decided to delay your MBFWA coverage: reliving fashion week vicariously though your shots!

  3. awww i always feel inspired whenevr i see u guys

  4. Ladies, your pavement pounders are definitely making us feel some type of way over here! Sounds like you guys had a blast at the shows too!
    You're killin' us, you're reeeeally killin' us.

    Kindly, the wee lasses of MVD.

  5. Loving the print skirt!

  6. Amazing images...I adore your outfits girls..


  7. Perfect outfits girls! Heartbeats for your skirt Tasfia!!!

  8. Oh lord, that black and blue printed skirt is so amazing! And your red lippy is just gorg! Also your decked out white outfit, satisfies my current obsession with all white styling!! Lovely post, amazing blog! Thanks for commenting on my blog! Returning the support as always!


  9. Nice pictures, and you two are gorgeous!


  10. Oh My! I'm soo in love with your guy's looks!!

  11. Loving both your looks! So jealous you got to see the We Are Handsome collection, love their suits

  12. The printed skirt is really amazing. Thks to make us discover some beautiful brands
    Nice day Xx