March 11, 2014


I must admit, that most of my adult life I was a strictly 'Clinique and Mac' kinda girl. But over the last two years, I've become a lot more open to trying out new products and finding products that are more friendly to my skin and compatible to my beauty regime. Even a year ago, primers and makeup bases were pretty much myth to me. But now, I can't go by without using a facial oil (currently this on
e by the Dew) as my makeup base. I think it really stops makeup from just being two dimensional and falling flat and gives you that natural glow.

There's no denying that pink is my favourite colour. These are some of the pink newbies that have made there way into my life of late :).

I always feel that metallics and blues have an interesting affinity for one another - these are some of my current faves.


  1. I use a couple of those products and they work wonders! Love the pics composition! <3

  2. Loving all of the jewellery and Rianna Phillips bag in the last photo!! Such a vibrant post, hope you girls are well! <3

    Boonya of the arty wardrobe

  3. Wow I love this and how you have put it all together...its sooooo cute!

  4. Awesome! That is hands down the best face moisturiser

    The Koalafornian x

  5. Sick flatlays girl! Yeah, I've always been a Mac girl hehe.


  6. The 3rd is my fav - interesting!