March 31, 2014


Tasfia is wearing: top CAMEO from The Fashion Bunker, sunglasses RAY BAN, skirt ZARA
A peacock at the open bird park in KL - I was quite a fan of these beauties until two simultaneously tried stealing my ice-cream!
I'm wearing: skirt ROMANCE WAS BORN, top ZARA, sunglasses AM EYEWEAR, bag PROENZA SCHOULER, shoes ZARA
I love the juxtaposition between the modern and the classic through the city
Tasfia is wearing: top MICHAEL LO SORDO, skirt ALPHA 60, shoes SENSO, bag DEADLY PONIES, sunglasses RAY BAN
Poolside drinks during our last night in KL
Early morning swims wearing TRIANGL SWIM
I'm wearing: pants ALPHA 60, top ZARA, heels STELLA MCARTNEY, bag PROENZA SCHOULER, sunglasses KSUBI
Tasfia is wearing swimsuit by SHAKUHACHI
Triple leather wearing skirt ESKA ALIKAI from Alterior Motif, top and shoes ZARA, necklace HOLLY RYAN, sunglasses KSUBI
One of the many many cuties at the KL butterfly park

It feels like an eternity ago, but It has been around three months since we've gotten back from our latest overseas rendevous. After having gotten right back into the swing of monotonous everyday trials and tribulations, vacation photos seem as if they are from some form of hyper-reality that I only vaguely remember being a part of! Although we are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to travel quite frequently, the incessant exposure to new and exciting experiences, the delicious food and indulgence of overseas holidays are so far from my everyday life that when looking back, the experiences will always feel foreign to me; despite how long I had spent getting to know the country/city.

Our days in KL were mostly spent exploring this unique city with the most interestingly complex cultural synergies, eating delectable eats, and doing what we do best - shopping. It was on this trip that I secured my soul mate that you have probably seen over and over on the blog - my beloved ombre PSII :) 


March 27, 2014


I'm wearing: top CAMEO, skirt ESKA ALIKAI via Alterior Motif, shoes THE MODE COLLECTIVE, sunglasses SHAKUHACHI, earrings HOLLY RYAN

Hi there!  I hope you fabulous creatures are all having a lovely week so far. Here in Brisbane, It is finally beginning to feel like autumn after what feels like a gargantuan epoch of summer. I'm excited to get some sleeves on and start layering. As I've mentioned again and again, I am invariably intrigued by (1) interesting prints that allude to texture and of course (2) animal prints - both these conditions are beyond satisfied by this slice of Cameo amazingness!  I was seduced by the radness of this Cameo deer print/'Bambi print' shirt since I my eyes first got a taste of this print and became determined to make it mine. 

In other news, I've been on a desperate search for the perfect leather jacket or leopard print jacket? Do you cuties have any suggestions? 


Photos by Francesca Gueterres

March 23, 2014


 Tasfia is wearing: top FRIEND OF MINE, skirt AJE, bag ALEXANDER WANG, shoes THE MODE COLLECTIVE, watch MICHAEL KORS, sunglasses RAY BAN, rings ESTELLE DEVE and CHASE DAKOTA 

I'm wearing: dress HANSEN AND GRETEL, bag DEADLY PONIES, sunglasses SHAKUHACHI, necklace MANIA MANIA, watch MICHAEL KORS

Hello hello cuties - I hope you all had a delightful weekend.  I feel that I've been so consumed by exam-studying over the last couple of weeks that the prose of my last couple of posts have been like an afterthought - we haven't had a proper little chat in eons. At last now, with my exam finally behind me, and an overwhelmingly vast amount off free time before me, in can  put my 100% into blogging and finally push out all those posts sitting around in my drafts, just waiting to be graced by your dazzling eyes. 

These shots were taken last month, during lazy Sunday, post-brunch frolics in Sydney. I've been super eager to share these outfits with you, however until now, exam-woes were holding me back! In particular, I've been excited to share my new favourite wardrobe newbie with you - this understated genius of a dress by Hansen and Gretel.  If you are my closet cyber stalker, you may've noticed that there are a few clothing aspects that I am always enticed by - long silhouettes paired with low necklines, camouflage print and tastefully sexy sheer panelling. Somehow, this season, I have succeeded in telepathically communicated my deepest clothing desires to Hansen and Gretel and this dreamy dress was conceived! :P 

Tasfia is wearing two rad wardrobe pieces that are currently on high rotation - her Friend of Mine Numero Uno tank, and AJE tartan skirt. I also have a snazzy AJE tartan piece that I am yet to share on this space - such a charming print! 


March 16, 2014


I'm wearing: dress JOSH GOOT, shoes SENSO, bag 3.1 PHILLIP LIM, sunglasses SHAKUHACHI, necklace MANIA MANIA, watch MICHAEL KORS

Tasfia is wearing: top BEC and BRIDGE, skirt BEC and BRIDGE, bag DEADLY PONIES, shoes THE MODE COLLECTIVE, sunglasses RAY BAN 

 This is another post that has been accumulating a hefty load of dust sitting around in my drafts - it seriously needed this final push into the blogosphere before it entirely evaded my memory.  Photographed well over two months ago, this post features two unique renditions of our favourite prints: the classic Breton stripe, and leopard print.  Since its entrance, this dress has made its way into my favourites - into my current collection of fail - safe pieces that I wear once a week. I love Josh Goot's eclectic take on the classic leopard/animal print - Goot never seems to cease persisting in his realm of print genius. Tasfia has rapidly developed a new-found devotion to the classic black and white stripe. Although striped pieces don't feature too often on this space, it is no exaggeration that striped peaces are pilling up in Tasfia's wardrobe - and its getting hard to hold her back! 

PS: Don't take it to heart if I haven't replied to your emails yet - my life is gripped by turbulent tides at the moment, keeping me a bit too busy for my own liking! But I'll get there ASAP!