February 16, 2014


Tasfia is wearing: dress RINGUET, shoes ALEXANDER WANG, sunglasses RAY BAN, bag DEADLY PONIES, rings ESTELLE DEVE and MANIA MANIA
I'm wearing: dress CAMEO, jacket EMMA MULHOLLAND, shoes SHAKUHACHI, bag PROENZA SCHOULER, sunglasses SHAKUHACHI, necklace MANIA MANIA

This post was meant for yesterday, but my life's gotten so busy that things aren't exactly rolling along according to schedule. But I'm not complaining , I get too restless if my mind is inactive for too long. I'm usually most driven and inspired when things get busier - I tend to thrive most under pressure. Blogging/blog work has become  a late night guilty pleasure for me, which is kinda making me appreciate it a whole lot more. This year I'm determined to not only put my 100% into blog content but also into the prose of blogging.
 I have the kind of overly-outgoing personality where within moments of meeting you, I can bare all to you about my personality, interests and life happenings. And so this general transparency about my nature puts me in a bit of a dilemma when it comes to the prose of blogging. Where exactly are our boundaries? Should I spill too much or too little? Well I generally end up doing the latter, but I'm determined to share/write more and break free from my current blogging sloth...

Anyway, back from my usual tangental aside, have you cuties been able to tell that we've developed a bit of  a thing for 'the midi dress/skirt'?  Or better, worded, our our love for all things 'midi' now runs quite a lot deeper. Tasfia is wearing her new Ringuet dress. The dress's perfect synergy of 'elegant', 'chic' and 'tastefully sexy' makes us so smitten with it!  I'm wearing this rad Cameo number - I love the effect of the two different coloured mesh layers on black neoprene!



  1. I've missed coming here. Today I remembered how much I loved your blog.
    It's amazing to see how you guys are coming along.

    Joana x
    When You Dream

  2. The all black outfit is stunning, but I'm loving the blue and metallic accessories with the grey mesh dress! :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Ah that cameo dress - what a dream! Mesh is my fave.
    I've also dived into the 'midi' world with a couple of pieces in that length. It's surprisingly flattering!
    Can't get over your mania mania necklace either - if I ever meet you I'm going to steal it girl.

    x x Stace

  4. You two are both looking amazingly chic as always. And I've been blogging since 2008 and it's been a rollercoaster trying to figure out how personal or informative you're supposed to be. I think I am safely in a secure place where I know exactly when I'm spilling too much. Hope you get the hang of it too!


  5. in love with both outfits!!!


  6. Both dresses, 100% into. Late night blogging is better than no blogging, I love to see what you are both up to! xx Jenelle

  7. you have such a way with fabrics and textures, and tasfia's more minimal style is always so perfect. love your style - hope sydney's been good to you! x

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  8. of course, you two both look insanely gorgeous one again!


  9. The total black look is so fashionable!


  10. You two complement each other very well! Love the sporty-luxe look <3