February 4, 2014


Tasfia is wearing: overalls FRIEND OF MINE, necklace GORJANA, shoes ALEXANDER WANG, bag DEADLY PONIES, watch MICHAEL KORS, rings MANIA MANIA and ESTELLE DEVE, sunglasses RAY BAN

If you've been an avid follower of the blog, you'd know that I really love animals. I know that we all have a soft spot for our cute and cuddly companions but my soft spot runs a little deeper, its probably at the point of border-lining obsession. It is to the extent that I can spend my vacation days with my eyes glued to Animal Planet for hours on end. I hoard (literally) boxes and boxes of cute animal stationary, much of my clothing is adorned with animal prints, oh and yes, I also majored in Zoology in University. If you know me, you'd know that big cats are my absolute favorite members of the animal kingdom. So, NOT getting my hands on something in this phenomenal Kenzo tiger print was not an option! Usually I'm not comfortable wearing a dress with such a feminine silhouette, but luckily Tasfia's matching Kenzo vans were there to save the day and equilibriate the outfit with their uber-casualness.

On another wavelength, overalls seem to have been dwindling in the background of the fashion scene for the last couple of years but I'm SO glad that they've have made a proper comeback recently. Tasfia is wearing her new Friend of Mine overalls, which seem to be the perfect addition to our summer wardrobe. Particularly this white pair - so clean, crisp and fresh and so easy for summer - They look delightful over just about everything. They are very 'understated cool' which Tasfia's style is kinda all about... 



  1. THE WANG SHOES. major. so much love for you two and your blog xxxx


  2. Love the white overall + I love the print of the kenzo dress :) xx

  3. Both your outfits are equally amazing!

    xx Nicole

  4. Love that Kenzo print dress! And your little red bag is so cute with it :)

    Away From Blue

  5. Wow beautiful outfits and I am also a huge fan of big cats especially panthers :) I also like the Alexander Wang Sandals! <3

    www.krystelcouture.com x

  6. I'm in love with the print of that Kenzo dress and Tasfia's monochrome look! xx

    Adventures of an Anglophile

  7. love both outfits x

  8. You both look gorgeous! I love the white overalls ♥


  9. Love it girls! Ooooh, I want summer so bad right now!

  10. lovely sunglasses... i love both outfits!