January 27, 2014


Tasfia is wearing: skirt MICHAEL LO SORDO, top ZARA, shoes THE MODE COLLECTIVE, bag DEADLY PONIES, rings MANIAMANIA 

Hope you cuties are having a swell, Australia day long weekend! I've been AWOL for a week, dare I say, having too much fun catching up with all of our friends this past week as Tasfia is moving away to Sydney later this week (and I am also going there with her for a bit)!  

Here i braved it and wore my new favourite all white Christopher Esber combo; this amazing halter/cutout top especially I can't get enough of 


January 21, 2014


Just a few shots of myself that were snapped  on the beach outside our villa in Langkawi...

I (Tasfia) am wearing: dress LOTTE HALL from ALTERIOR MOTIF, sunglasses from Korea (similar)

On another note, we've added quite a few more of our wardrobe gems up for sale on our shop blog.


January 16, 2014


I'm wearing: earrings HOLLY RYAN, necklace HOLLY RYAN, top ZARA (similar), shorts ALPHA60 (similar), sandals ZARA (similar)

So many sassy souls rock all black outfits effortlessly, on a daily basis (Tas in included) but I couldn't say the same about me. I usually feel more comfy when covered in colours and prints. Wearing all black and really 'owning it' usually doesn't work for me UNLESS I pair it with some truly unique jewels like these Holly Ryan gems that really make it me...


January 11, 2014


Outfit 1: top KENZO, skirt MICHAEL LO SORDO,  sunglasses FROM KOREA
I'm wearing: top JOSH GOOT, skirt KARLA SPETIC, shoes WINDSOR SMITH, sunglasses KSUBI via Alterior Motif, watch MICHAEL KORS

Tasfia is wearing: top NICHOLAS, skirt from Korea (similar), bag DEADLY PONIES, sunglasses from Korea, shoes THE MODE COLLECTIVE
pink dress FRIEND OF MINE, shoes ZARA, necklace HOLLY RYAN, sunglasses KSUBI

Because of my fairly frequent global to-ing and fro-ing over the past two months, it almost got by me that I have a fair share of photos to share from Kuala Lumpur (KL) yet to share. In fact, each different city has such different vibes that you unconsciously adjust with it and change your mind frame and outlook a bit each time.

Frankly, before arriving in KL, I didn't know what to expect because I'd heard so many different accounts of the place. After visiting, I'd have to agree with most of them - Malaysia is so diverse in just about every way. The city is a perfect synergy between traditionalism and modernity. Also, culturally defining the plane transcends my vocab as it seems to be a complicated mix of so many different cultures and this is reflected in so many outlets like from the food to popular culture and media. 

All in all, it is a delightful city with surprises around every corner, Tas and I only wish we could've stayed for longer!


January 8, 2014


Tasfia, beachside frolicking in: top FINDERS KEEPERS, skirt FRIEND OF MINE, sunglasses from Korea
Getting chummy with an island native
wearing: top KSUBI, skirt ZARA, bag PROENZA SCHOULER PS11, shoes WINDSOR SMITH, sunglasses KSUBI via Alterior Motif.
Tasfia, prancing about the palms wearing Maurie and Eve via Alterior Motif
Pre-swim, sunray-soaking wearing RINGUET dress

Whenever we're on vacay, I tend to go crazy with my camera(s), but I try to keep my posts compacted, so that they don't become snooze central for you! My usual goal is to condense a collection of travel shots into one (or two), concise photo diary(ies). Last year, I was quite proud of the fact that I compacted around 7000 shots of the picturesque Jeju Island into a single post through maniacal snipping, editing and preening. However, this Nazi editing regime was futile with my photos from the Maldives... Why? Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves. So I suppose this is the first of three (or four?) travel diaries from the Maldives. 

After frolicking about in the Maldives, I've come to the realisation that, there are two kinds of beaches in the world - The beaches of the Maldives, and the rest of the worlds' beaches. The crisp, fresh air, the perfectly white sands, the crystal clear, turquoise seas, the breath-taking coral reefs and adorable island animal life of the Maldives all make it undoubtedly the most beautiful place we've ever visited. I notice I've gone a bit heavy on the adjectives, but really, there is no other way to do justice to this slice of perfect paradise. 

Since being in the Maldives, Tas and I have spent most of or waking moments, in the water, mostly snorkelling around, frolicking amongst the beautiful coral reefs and soaking in the sun, so much that we've grown about 50 shades more tanned than when we first landed!