May 30, 2013


 I'm usually pretty open to trying new things but there are a few things for which I'm a bit apprehensive of leaving my comfort zone, one of these things being my beauty routine. Nonetheless, Tas and I dropped into Issada Cosmetics (on Edward St) last Friday, to learn a little more about their fresh range, have the girls create our favourite winter looks  and become beautified! At its least, the experience was a super enlightening one for the both of us. I had gone along for the last five years following pretty much the same beauty regimen, but getting my makeup done by the girls at Issada made me realize that there were so many rad products my regimen had been deprived on, and how a couple of seemingly subtle steps with these products can make such a massive difference and got onto wishing that I'd tried Issada earlier!
 Anyway, Issada is an Australian, entirely mineral makeup range focused skin treatment and skin health and are packed filled with antioxidants, vitamins, collagen and more. Before this little rendezvous, I was a very rare foundation wearer - my usual foundations felt so suffocating and pore-clogging and often made me break out. However Issada cosmetics do just the opposite and feel so light-weight and nourishing (plus they ALL have the most delicious scents). Anyway, last Friday, I felt the store feeling the prettiest I've ever felt! I'd genuinely recommend Issada Cosmetics to anyone who hasn't tried them before - you probably won't go back to your oldies either :D
Our favourite products: 1. Silk Radiance Powder - this is the perfect little highlighter to give your skin that healthy glow / 2. Mineral Baked Foundation / 3. Matte Mineral Bronzer - great for cheek contouring / 4. Luxury Matte Lipstick in Gigi - I am a sucker for popping pick shades - this one is my new fave / 5. Mineral Liquid Powder Foundation / 6. Red Carpet Lashes - this is a white natural fiber that makes your lashes ridiculously longer (they're like 'brush on' false lashes)/ 7. Luminizer Stick - this is my personal favourite, it sharpens all your features dramatically like your nose, jawline, brow ridge and gives you that subtle glow / 8. Corrector Pencil in Buff - use this to line the inside of your eyes to make them bigger and brighter / 9. Mineral Lip Crayon in Pirate / 10. Lash Sculpt Mineral Mascara
Inside of the Brisbane City Store, on Edward Street 
My look - we went for bright pink lips, defined eyed and a natural glow to the skin
Tasfia's look involved more subdued, earthy eyes and more colour to the lips and cheeks


May 27, 2013


I'm not really very hard to please, if you know all the right buttons to press - give me a rad animal print (preferably of one of my favourite critters) and some funky colours and you've got me on board - this Insight knit from Alterior Motif has done just that. I'm pretty sure I've raved about my love of animals, and particularly those of the forked tongue, legless and scaled kind on this space before and so maybe you can understand how this sweater is right on my wavelength. Plus, although I'm more commonly a jacket wearer, I've always preferred wooly sweaters because they are all the more comfy and warm. But the reality is that most 'good' sweaters out on the market just happen to be so un-fun and boring looking. Enter this sweater, and my winter's gotten so much brigther and comfier :D
I'm wearing: sweater INSIGHT (from Alterior Motif), sunglasses AM EYEWEAR, bag MOLTEN RELIC, shoes STELLA MCARTNEY, necklace MANIAMANIA


May 24, 2013


Most trends seem to pass our radar (probably because we have a near cult following of our fave designers who are very unique in their ways). However there are those trends that come along each season that we can't help but dip our toes in. Here I'm talking about the sporty trend, with which Tasfia is wearing this jersey top that she has paired with red leather. One of the only good things about this sudden cold weather in Brisbane is that I can start wearing the other 90% of my wardrobe and pull out our leathers. Clearly I'm a summer lover but a winter shopper. 
I'm wearing: sunglasses AM EYEWEAR, top SARA PHILLIPS, skirt JOSH GOOT, sandals JEFFREY CAMPBELL, bag TORY BURCH 
Tasfia is wearing: jersey top TOPSHOP, leather pants ZARA, bag DEADLY PONIES, boots TOPSHOP, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL


May 21, 2013


 I've never had a thing for quotes but something Alexander Wang said a couple of years back kinda hit home for me. He said something along the lines of how "Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are the most intriguing". And I totally had to agree with this one - Anyone can dress their best and preen and exhibit themselves up for a special occassion but it is what you wear everyday that defines your style. Looking sassy on the five days of fashion week doesn't mean you are a stylish person, but rather what you chose to wear in daily life while doing normal, workaday things(working, to uni, while running errands etc.) really does. For that reason, on this blog, I mainly try to post outfits of what I actually wear in my daily life, rather than just shoot super styled outfits put together for the sole purpose of sharing them on the blog.
Anyway, now moving away from the (fairly elaborate) side note above, these pix were taken one morning after a delish breakfast near the harbour in Sydney. The Sydney chill finally allowed me to wear these ridiculously cool Gail Sorronda flares. I love how they make me look like I'm a foot taller than I actually am :D. Tasfia dressed down my Ksubi alter dress by wearing it as a top with her favourite boyfriend jeans and blazer.
Tasfia is wearing: dress as top KSUBI, blazer KSUBI, jeans ZARA, boots TOPSHOP, bag ALEXANDER WANG, rings CHASE DAKOTA and  ESTELLE DEVE, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL.


May 18, 2013


 When it comes to femininity in terms of fashion, in my mind, I categorize 'feminine' into two very different groups. Firstly, there is that preppy or very girly kind of feminine represented by sweetheart necklines, floral prints, lace, frills and full flouncy skirts. The second kind of feminine  in my mind relates to a more modern, sexy and sleek kind of feminine, which AJE pretty much epitomizes - this is the kind of feminine we love. This AJE leather beauty is one of Tasfia's favourite LBDs - leather + that neckline + that hemline and that back detail is what makes it perfection . Plus its warrior princess vibes definitely earns it some major points in my books too.
PS: We are not in Sydney at the moment - these were taken last month while we were back there, before breakfast on Oxford St. 
Tasfia is wearing: dress AJE, bag DEADLY PONIES, necklace GORJANA, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL


May 15, 2013


On this blog, I always want to share more on the day to day happenings of my life, but it isn't really the most practical thing for me to lug around my DSLR camera with me everyday just in case I come across something interesting to share with you. Instead, my iphone serves that purpose and so my Instagram (@fablihareza) is studded with some of my fave moments from my everyday life. I just wanted to share a few of my favourite instas with you :)
Cookies and cream and almond praline ice-cream by the harbour / Harbour hangs with my two sisters 
Just one look at my instagram stream and  it is no secret that I love to eat good food and almost just as much, I love to photograph it! These are some divine treats from  my fave restaurant in town, Aria. 
Trying on some Josh Goot beauties at the stunning Oxford Street pop-up store / Eating homemade cinnamon and honey toasted muesli in our favourite garden patch 
Indulging in some fairy bread while re-reading some of my fave Murakami / Seaside hangs with Sammi 
 Super fresh Summer fruit Salad from Harveys /  Sydney Sunrise 
Snakes on the train because of  my fave dress, by Stolen Girlfriend's Club / My (then) new Acne dress
Stunning leather pieces at the Kahlo show / Simple summer salads while reading in the sun
Tas, relaxing at the seaside / Wearing matching Ksubi with my little sis, Sierra 
My favourite pancakes in town; with fresh figs, pistachios and pistachio ice-cream /  Tasfia's outfit details; double Ksubi and Jeffrey Campbell sandals 
Post brunch shot with some cuties / Delish chicken, mango and brie salad from Buzz Bistro 
A glimpse of the Three Sisters from beneath the fog / 'The Bombe' - I love Stokehouse's take on the classic bombe alaska; this one with frozen white choc parfait and raspberry sorbet encapsulated by toasted meringue
Discussing literature and delicious food with our best friend, Emily over brunch at Cru Bar / Returning home to this Josh Goot beauty and delightful cat, Claudius after our Sydney trip 
Cupcake date at Poppy Cakes with my favourite girls / Uni outfit details: Romance was Born dress, Provensen shoes and Marc by Marc Jacobs bag 
Delicious delights from Flying Fish in Sydney 
Cute hangs with our favourite creature, Emily /  Chilling by the waves 
While in Sydney, we stayed at a hotel on Pitt Street, right near Pitt St Mall, and so I developed an (unhealthy) love affair with Yogurt World / Beautiful prints at the Gary Bigeni SS14 showing 
A late breakfast of French toast and baked eggs at Baroque in Sydney / My Gail Sorronda "she's in parties dress"
Chillaxing in Romance was Born, Emma Mulholland and Bigeni basics / My favourite maple-glazed pumpkin and feta pizza and kiwi smoothie by the poolside
 At James St Up late / cheeky weekday sugar hit at Freestyle
Delish watermelon and strawberry yogurt smoothie / With my girls at Chloe's 'wedding reception'
Delicious brunch at the harbour / Post shopping shot wearing Acne, Gail Sorronda and Friend of Mine
Seaside chills / Best muesli in town, from Harvey's on James St
Afternoon backyard picnic with my two sisters; freshly baked banana bread, fairy bread and open sandwiches / delectable choc-orange ice cream with fresh fruits

Midnight snack of macaroons and cherries / Sculptural beauties at the Maticevski show 
Beautiful rock formations at the seaside / Delicious dinner at Montrachet for Emily's 21st 
My then new Emma Mulholland crop, Knots and Knits crop and Zara necklace / My favourite desert from Max B, the fondue 
The Bircher muesli and toasted muesli from Sourced Grocer / Our have swimsuits, from KS Swim 
Pool hangs with Sammi / Sequins and smoke at the Aje show 
Froyo between shows during MBFWA / Pre-show hangs with the delightful Sam and Jamie 
Outfit of AM eyewear shades, Maniamania cuff, Josh Goot top and Zara pants / Anish Kapoor's beautiful sky mirror in Sydney 
delish salad of baby roasted vegetable and rare seared beef from Buzz Bistro / A uni outfit of AM Eyewear shades, Ksubi dress, Jimmy Choo sandals and Kenzo perfume