November 28, 2013


Tasfia is wearing: playsuit ALICE MCCALL, earcuff MOLTEN RELIC, shoes ALEXANDER WANG, bag DEADLY PONIES, sunglasses from Korea

I'm wearing: dress RINGUET, shoes PEEPTOE, necklace HOLLY RYAN, watch MICHAEL KORS

Do you ever find yourself going temporarily cold turkey for something you are otherwise passionate about? That is exactly how I've been about blogging and social media for the past week.As you may've noticed, every 5-6 months or so, we visit our extended family in Bangladesh. It is probably the most chilled time of my life with 99% of the time spent in our apartment, just chilling with my cute relatives, catching up on my fave Korean dramas and living vicariously through my friends' instagrams. This time round, I also thought it would be a super opportunity to put my all into blogging, because frankly I don't have ANYTHING else to commit my time to. But, having too much free time can be overwhelming, plus because there is no  pressure to drive you to get things done so it is all the more tempting to waste your time procrastinating. Soon Tas and I will be travelling to the Maldives and a few other places so most likely then while I'm busy with holiday activities I'll get back into the swing of constant blogging.

These shots were taken on a delightful spring day, right after my 'final' final exams prior to a cute brunch date with one of our besties...
I am wearing my rad new t-shirt dress by Ringuet, which has always makes some of my favourite digital prints. Tasfia is wearing perhaps the cutest playsuit around, by Alice Mccall. 

November 20, 2013


Tasfia is wearing: dress SOOT, earrings HOLLY RYAN, necklace HOLLY RYAN, sunglasses from Korea, bag ZARA, sandals JEFFREY CAMPBELL

It doesn't get much better than spunky blue tartan, but when it does it is blue tartan paired with this super kawaii strapless, fluid  little pocketed silhouette as in this rad SOOT tartan dress. Since this beauty has made its way into our lives recently, Tas has seriously worn this dress more times than fingers on my hand, receiving complements with each wear while simultaneously boasting it is her favorite dress.

As I mentioned earlier, we've recently also become infatuated with the mystical charms of Holly Ryan Jewellery which is pretty much the perfect compliment to any outfit...

November 17, 2013


Tasfia is wearing: skirt CAMEO via Fashion Bunker, shoes MODE COLLECTIVE, top TOPSHOP, bag DEADLY PONIES, sunglasses from Korea

I'm wearing: earrings HOLLY RYAN, skirt ESKA ALIKAI via Alterior Motif, shoes THE MODE COLLECTIVE, top ROMANCE WAS BORN, sunglasses LE SPECS

So like, I love shoes. 
But whats new? Well now it seems I've now fallen head over heels for pointy-toed stilettos (pun not intended). As mentioned in the last post, in our opinion, just about everything seems to be at either poles of 'hit or miss' there aren't really any 'in-betweeners' in our books. Hence, the greatest hit in our books recently are pointed-tip stilettos, which for sure, The Mode Collective does best. These two pairs are our personal favourite takes of the pointy-toe - mine being this shiny blue metallic iridescent pair, and Tas's this sleek, stroppy B & W pair...
Oh and can you tell I've developed a bit of a thing for these Holly Ryan Evil Eye earrings? Lately I've been finding my self wearing them with just about everything!

Oh and as you may have noticed from my Instagram, Tas and I are currently overseas which makes it frighteningly easy to fall into the bad habit of neglecting blogging just a tad...


November 14, 2013


Tasfia is wearing: jumpsuit KRISTI ROSE, bag DEADLY PONIES, hat LACK OF COLOR, sunglasses from KOREA, shoes ALEXANDER WANG, ring MOLTEN RELIC 

Whenever I'm overseas, I tend to always fall back to my old habits of seldom posting and so this time round, I'm (trying to) make a conscious attempt not to...

These shots are from around a month ago, during the calm before the storm (AKA my final exams).  I know that I have a bit of an extreme personality in that I am either head over heels for something, or really don't like it - there isn't much middle ground in my books. The former is the best way to account for my serial-offending with Strapless bustiers.... This little Finder's Keepers number is my favourite bustier yet plus its almost blinding iridescence means it ticks many boxes in my books. 

Tasfia is wearing this super cute Kristi Rose jumpsuit - love its fun, flirty summer vibes!


November 10, 2013


Tasfia is wearing: dress ELLERY, shoes SHAKUHACHI, hat LACK OF COLOR, bag DEADLY PONIES 

My exams (and degree) are finally over and done with, and I am kinda excited to get right back onto the blogging bandwagon. I have a massive expanse of vacation ahead of me, and all sorts of exciting things to come...

Today is probably the first time in our blogging history that we've shared a blog post the day that it was shot but Tasfia and I have been rather excited to share these wardrobe newbies with you.

For starters, this Holly Ryan ear bling. Tas and I have been entranced by the charms of Holly Ryan for some time now. Its combination of other-wordly mysticism and cute-quirky whimsy is right on our wavelength. Plus Holly Ryan happens to be one of the only fine jewellery designers that has designs full of character...

Secondly, this super pretty Alice Mccall duo. Usually something so feminine isn't my thing but sequins and lace (especially simultaneously) get me every time! Something about it just makes you wan't to go off and make some fairy friends and throw endless garden parties - which can never be a bad thing!


November 6, 2013


I'm wearing: top CHRISTOPHER ESBER, skirt SHAKUHACHI, hat LACK OF COLOUR, sunglasses LE SPECS

 Here's another quick update - from where I'd rather be... I'm currently (still) chained to my desk, swallowed by piles and piles of genetics/microbiology related notes but freedom (i.e. the end of my exams and degree) are so near. These shots were taken in September, during a super windy seaside getaway, in between trying (really hard) not to swallow my hair and chasing my hat along the sands... I've recently developed quite a serious thing for all white outfits - and so the sand - camouflage was totally unintentional!


November 3, 2013



Here is a super quick update from my sleep-deprived, microbiology-ravaged self - I've been up to my eyebrows in study notes for the past week, and with still one week to go, I could not be any more  (desperately ready)  ready for a vacation!

These outfits are kind of our rendition of how to wear 'matchy' pieces without being too 'match matchy'