October 31, 2013



And so the strapless bustier obsession ensues with this stunning colour blocked number by Three of Something. My newfound love of boyfriend jeans has now also expanded out to boyfriend shorts, particularly this evil twin pair. I love having boyfriend shorts in about 2-3 sizes too big to optimize bagginess, especially when worn with a fitted top!

Tasfia's rocking what she does best, an all-black look. I love the silhouettes of these two Finder's Keepers pieces and how they add an extra dimension to this all black look! 

October 29, 2013


I'm wearing: ring CORT JEWELLERY, leather skirt ESKA ALIKAI, sunglasses KSUBI (both from Alterior Motif), hat LACK OF COLOR, top KSUBI, boots TOPSHOP, necklace LUV AJ, bag CASSANDRA LA, watch MICHAEL KORS

Tasfia is wearing: earrings CORT JEWELLERY, skirt MICHAEL LO SORDO, top COUNTRY ROAD (similar here, here & here), sunglasses from Korea, shoes PEEPTOE, bag DEADLY PONIES, rings CHASE DAKOTA, MANIAMANIA and ESTELLE DEVE

Recently, here and there, I've been hearing remarks directed at me along the lines of 'back to black'. Without really making a conscious attempt, it seems I have been dipping my feet in my old ways a bit recently.  Although I love wearing colour and prints in all their shades, patterns and glory, there is always something about an all black look that seduces and draws me in.

I am wearing my new Eska Alikai leather skirt from Alterior Motif, which is pretty much the perfect addition to any wardrobe. In fact, I am determined that everyone, despite your 'style aesthetic' needs the perfect buttery smooth, interestingly-cut leather skirt in their wardrobe. It is a match made in heaven with just about any top!


October 27, 2013


Tasfia is wearing: top FINDERS KEEPERS, skirt Lola vs Harper, shoes SENSO, bag DEADLY PONIES, necklace MANIAMANIA, sunglasses from Korea

I'm wearing: dress ANTIPODIUM, sunglasses KSUBI via Alterior Motif, shoes SENSO, bag CASSANDRA LA, watch MICHAEL KORS, necklaces (both): MANIAMANIA 

This weekend has really gone by in a whiz! Saturday and Sunday were both poles apart in terms of pleasure value. Yesterday was our 21st birthday, A day spent between two birthday parties, eating our weight in delicious treats and cake and hanging with the biggest cuties in town. Today was spent with my head in piles of uni notes 'prep'ing for the next few hellish days of my final exams. I couldn't be more excited to have this final semester of my degree over. From the middle of next month - Tas and I will be flying to a few really cute spots on the globe - I can't wait for a change of scene and to take tons of pix to share with you...

Tasfia's outfit doesn't help in suppressing my vacation longing - that delightful Finder's Keeper's tropical print and Lola Vs. Harper skirt combo is almost begging me to jump onto a plane, off to a tropical adventure. 


October 23, 2013


I'm wearing: dress CAMEO from  FASHION BUNKER, sunglasses MIU MIU, ring CORT jewellery,  bag 3.1 PHILLIP LIM,  jacket EMMA MULHOLAND, shoes from Korea 

Tasfia is wearing: skirt ETHEN LEATHER from THE ENABLER, top AMERICAL APPAREL (similar), shirt TOPSHOP,  shoes MODE COLLECTIVE, bag DEADLY PONIES 

And the croc leather obsession ensues, now with this beautiful asymmetric Ethen leather skirt from The Enabler. I love how it has the ability to spice up any simple outfit and now subtly indulgent this leather piece is. 

I'm wearing my new fave spring piece - this delightful little Cameo dress from Fashion Bunker. I am so intrigued by this charming print - are they chillies? Are they some sort of mystical forbidden fruit? Either way this little number just makes me want to go off on all sorts of spring garden parties. 


October 21, 2013


Tasfia is wearing: top KAHLO, pants TOI ET MOI, bag DEADLY PONIES, shoes STELLA MCARTNEY, sunglasses from Korea

It is no secret that Tas and I have vastly different styles, but the trajectories of  our styles clearly converge at one point; on our love of leather. Although there are a number of cool leather-wear labels around at the moment, in our books, nothing beats the buttery smoothness and clean, fresh silhouettes of Kahlo leather. Adding to that, while we are still in the realms of leather, nothing beats the radness of  croc-leather, which really is the emperor of the leather-wear kingdom. 

I'm also wearing my new Lack of Color hat. I'm shocked at the fact that it hasn't made an appearance on the blog yet, particularly considering the fact that I've worn it 1001 times already (in the last few weeks) because it has the mystical ability to make any outfit (dysfunctional or not)  really 'werk'!


October 19, 2013


I'm wearing: dress ZIMMERMANN (similar), bag OLIVER, sunglasses KSUBI via Alterior Motif, shoes STELLA MCARTNEY

Tasfia is wearing: top MARKET HQ, skirt BY JOHNNY, shoes MODE COLLECTIVE, bag DEADLY PONIES, sunglasses from Korea (similar)

Our twenty-first birthday party is one week from today but the painful truth is that It has not been on my mind at all lately (I'm not even sure what I'm wearing, eek!). My mind is mostly focused on thoughts of the microbial, DNA-centric and human-physiology focused kind! 
My final 'final exam' block for my degree starts from next week. And so from now onwards, I really need to make it up to my studies, for all the neglect I've paid it semester long. Because I knew this time of toil and turmoil was nearing, for the last few weeks, Tas and I have been a bit frantic in trying to shoot/produce a lot of intresting new content so that posting can run smoothly during my time of blog hibernation in my text-book cave. 

These shots were taken by and during a cute afternoon frolic with one of our fave girls/ridiculously talented young thing - Rachel. 
I am wearing the dress of my dreams (for the last few weeks anyway). Entering David Jones to even 'browse' is always a dangerous endeavour. Last time I was in, chatting with a friend, this Zimmermann beauty caught my eye instantly. Zimmermann usually isn't on my wavelength but this dress just has too much goodness going for it - the many kinds of tartan merged together, its semi sheerness and the in between midi and maxi length! Plus the fact that it is reminiscent of my ultimate girl crush's style could only add on to its many virtues. But of course on that particular DJs visit I couldn't take this dress home with me - It was much too dear a price! But to my surprise, Tasfia bought it home for me from her Sydney trip (last weekend) as a Birthday present :). My twin is the cutest!