July 30, 2013


Both bags by Kate of Arcadia
There are two kinds of things that Tasfia and I have in limited supply because we are so picky about them - (1) shoes and (2) bags. Not only does a bag have to appeal to my sight, but I can never compromise quality. For that reason, we're crushing big time on the current Kate of Arcadia collection - the leather is so buttery smooth and I love the colour pallete and all the little attention to details! We can't help but use these bags a little too much recently! :D Can you guess which bag belongs to who? ;)

July 26, 2013


This week marked the start of my last semester of uni (for my current degree) and so life has just gotten all that more hectic. Having been on vacation for the last month, I'm having my usual troubles of transitioning back from "holiday mode" to "study mode" and regular "blogger mode" and so this week has been a bit slow on the blogging side. I have a huge load of holiday photo editing still to get around to and a lot of new content to shoot but I thought that I'd first share our outfit shots from today because they were a fairly simple edit.
While on vacation, the two foods I probably missed most were muesli and froyo - two pretty common things that we frequently abuse while in Oz. And so today I skipped my morning of lectures and we went to Teneriffe for a bit of a breather, to satisfy our muesli cravings and try out the promising new Paleo eatery, Primal Pantry. 
We both wore combinations of old and new favourites and for a change were both dressed in black and white! (but I couldn't help but add a pop of colour with my red Kate of Arcadia bag!). For the first time, I wore my newest obsesssion, these stunning new Ksubi reflectors from Alterior Motif; which I'm expecting wont be leaving my face too much for the next couple of days!
Tasfia is wearing: top INDIKAH, skirt FRIEND OF MINE (similar here), shoes ALEXANDER WANG, bag DEADLY PONIES, sunglasses FROM KOREA (similar here), necklace GORJANA, rings CHASE DAKOTA and ESTELLE DEVE. 
I'm wearing: sunglasses KSUBI from ALTERIOR MOTIF, bag KATE OF ARCADIA, top AUGUST STREET (new season), pants AUGUST STREET (new season), heels STELLA MCARTNEY


July 22, 2013


I'm usually pretty good at dealing with time differences but this time round, travel has made my circadian clock all whack. Now I generally can't fall asleep until 6-7am meaning I wake up at 12pm or so! However this didn't stop me from running along to the Moda Creative High Tea on Saturday morning, straight after my flight back home. Delicious miniature treats, my favourite gal palz and pretty flowers all around made it the most fail-safe delightful affair :). Thanks so much for having us xx
I'm wearing: top HOUSE OF HOLLAND, skirt ZARA
Tasfia is wearing: skirt CRES E DIM, top NOWHERE, shoes ZARA, jacket ZARA, necklace LUV AJ

July 15, 2013


Being risque in quadruple white - Wearing my super rad new top by RINGUET, bag OLIVER, sunglasses LE SPECS, pants CRES E DIM, necklace AIR TO MY EARTH, watch MICHAEL KORS
Outfit 1 (Fabliha - All white): top RINGUET, pants CRES E DIM, bag OLIVER, sunglasses LE SPECS, watch MICHAEL KORS, necklace AIR TO MY EARTH
Outfit 1 (Tasfia - All red): playsuit GAIL SORRONDA, bag KATE OF ARCADIA, sandals ARIELLE DE PINTO, sunglasses AM EYEWEAR
Outfit 2 (Fabliha - candy stripes): skort THREE FLOOR, top LAZY OAF, bag OLIVER, sunglasses AM EYEWEAR, choker MANIAMANIA
Outfit 2 (Tasfia - black and white): bag KATE OF ARCADIA, skirt FRIEND OF MINE, shoes NIKE, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL, necklace LUV AJ
So here it is, pictorial chapter two of our frolicking in the super 'Seoulful' and character-filled capital of South Korea (using cliched lame puns is irresistible to me!). Looking back at the pictures I took in Seoul, I wish I'd taken so many more pictures, seen so many more sights and done so much more! Tas and I made a list of 101 things we wanted to do while in Seoul but we could only scratch a handful of names from this list. This is because, in Seoul, wherever you go, you seem to find something else right around the corner that catches your fancy. For example, the day we visited the Hello Kitty Cafe, we got carried away by all the super cute shops in Hongdae and spent the rest of the afternoon in search for cute shoes that would fit my comparatively massive size 41 feet and buying irresistibly tantalizing cute novelties every couple of moments (like hamburger socks). One morning when we planned on breezing by the Blue House, we became seduced by the charms of nearby Gyunbeokgung Palace and spent the rest of the day there although we'd visited this palace the last time we were in Seoul. 
Anyway the end of my vacation is closely nearing, and with it the beginning of my final semester of university is looming! Although I'm not elated about breaking this holiday spirit and returning home I'm looking forward to catching up with my friends and getting started with some exciting collaborations we have in store for the blog :)
Look forward to more holiday posts soon cuties xx