January 30, 2013


There is nothing like the great Australian summer and there is no better way to embrace all its glory than by soaking in the sun, sand and sea as much as possible! For that reason, I take finding the perfect swimwear super seriously. For her clever synergies between whimsical prints and subtly feminine silhouettes, Karla Spetic has long been one of my fave Aussie designers. And so it was no suprise that Karla Spetic's i.e. KS Swim's current collection, 'Crystal Visions' is this heart flutteringly beautiful...
LOOK 1: High waist briefs KS SWIM, choker CHASE DAKOTA, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL
LOOK 2: Swimsuit KS SWIM, choker CHASE DAKOTA, sunglasses MIU MIU 
LOOK 3: bikini KS SWIM, choker MANIAMANIA, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL

January 27, 2013


 The t-shirt dress is one of my fave sillhouettes to wear in the warm Australian summer. These are two of our personal favourite renditions. Tasfia is wearing the 'Rose' Dress by Hansen and Gretel, an amazing new Aussie label that has been doing great things -I'm totally won over by the simple, clean yet bold shapes and prints of their designs. I'm wearing a dress by August Street, which has the raddest, most summer appropriate psychedelic floral prints this season...
Tasfia is wearing: dress HANSEN AND GRETEL, choker MANIAMANIA, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL 
I'm wearing, dress AUGUST STREET, choker CHASE DAKOTA, sunglasses MIU MIU

January 21, 2013


As much as Tas and I love a good bikini, we can never go past a cool one-piece swimsuit. The swimsuits by Ringuet, with their rad metamorphic psychedelic prints are some of our favorites this season. This is Tasfia's one, I'll share mine with you soon! Tas and I've finally gotten our hands on our new Chase Dakota chokers. Not only do they make the perfect summer accessory but finally here's to an accessory that you can actually wear in the water!

January 17, 2013


Paris is a city which despite the number of times you visit, the magic never seems to wear off (well at least for me). Even in the chilly, wet and perpetually cloudy winter, Paris was indisputably beautiful. My stay in Paris was not full of sunshine and perfect weather like my Spain visit. In fact, some days were rainy, snowing or just too bone chillingly cold to take photos and so I've made a single photo diary the my stay in the city. I last visited Paris almost three years and did all the typical touristy activities like visiting the Louvre, Notre Dame, Palace of Versailes etc. but this time round, I couldn't resist revisiting my favourite spots from last time...
Outfit 1: pants ZARA, coat ZARA, top ZARA, jacket from Seoul, sunglasses MIU MIU, boots TOPSHOP 
Outfit 2: jeans LOVER, top MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA X H and M, leather jacket GESTUZ, sunglasses KAREN WALKER, bag ALEXANDER WANG, boots COMME PREMIUM,  coat ASOS
Outfit 3: jeans MOTHER DENIM, sweater JAPAN, coat COS, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL, boots TOPSHOP,  bag DEADLY PONIES 
Outfit 4: dress FAME AGENDA, coat ASOS, sunglasses MIU MIU, boots TOPSHOP 
Outfit 5: coat COS, sweater COS, jeans ZARA, bag DEADLY PONIES, sunglasses SPORTSGIRL, boots TOPSHOP 
Outfit 6: sweater COS, coat ASOS, pants ZARA, sunglasses KSUBI, bag ZARA, boots TOPSHOP 
Outfit 7: coat COS, sweater COS, pants J.W. ANDERSON X TOPSHOP, sunglasses CHRONICLES OF NEVER
Outfit 8: coat AEL'KEMI, dress ROMANCE WAS BORN, sunglasses CHRONICLES OF NEVER, boots TOPSHOP