June 27, 2012


Even a couple of months ago, animal prints were no where near being my thing. But now, I've totally pulled a 360' and I'm so obsessed. I'm often told that I'm at either extremes of hating something or loving something, and this is no exception :)
Wearing: Zara shirt and trousers,Stella Mcartney heels, Backstage gold cuff, Maniamania Valentine pendant, Maniamania Valentine cuff, Maniamania Afterlife choker, Chronicles of Never Vashtus sunglasses
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June 25, 2012


Here is the other half - my outfit from Friday. I'm wearing these rad neon shirt and shorts by August street which is a match made in heaven, particularly with my hair. Not only do these shorts have the coolest pattern, but their cut makes it look like my legs are at least 2 inches longer than they actually are hehe. And this fab neon rope necklace from Shopjeen is the perfect accessory to spruce up any outfit - particularly with all this neon I've been wearing lately. Shopjeen has so many spiffy and amazing pieces - be sure to check them out! 
Wearing: Shirt and shorts courtesy of August StreetKasia Ruszkowska necklace courtesy of Shopjeen, Karen Walker Number 1 sunglasses, Zara blazer, Provensen shoes, Cambridge Satchel co. neon bag

June 24, 2012


A few material things that brighten up my world...
 Jewels by Maniamania (Maniamania Valentine Pendant) Photobucket Sheer florals (Stolen Girlfriend's Club day garden silk flair shorts, Shirts by Antipodium and Insight) Photobucket Neon (Provensen loafers, Cambridge Satchel co. bag, Karen Walker sunglasses) Photobucket Delicious delights Photobucket Metal Jewellery (By Backstage, Vena Cava and Molten Relic) Photobucket Print dresses (Sass and Bide dress - more here, Sara Phillips dress) Photobucket The Perfect flats (shoes by Karen Walker x Beau Coops and Steve Madden) Photobucket Follow me on: TWITTER | BLOGLOVIN | FORMSPRING | INSTAGRAM ID: fablihareza

June 22, 2012


YES! - finally done with my exams  :D I am so so so sorry about not posting anything for such a long time. I've gotten a few messages about why I haven't been posting, but I think I'd rather have not posted at all  than post something half heartedly for the sake of posting something which would've been pretty dodgy anyway. As cliche as it may seem, I'm a firm believer of quality over quantity.  I'd rather have a few great posts, than many average ones. I feel like you guys deserve the best quality content that I can give and I just didn't have the time to give that during my exams. But still, I'm so sorry to disappoint!
Anyway, these are photos of Tasfia from yesterday, right after my last exam, during a little post exam celebration/frolicking/gluttony. Right now I'm on my way to the airport. Stay tuned because I have A HEAP of exciting new posts coming your way! My outfit from the day will be up soon too. Oh and I know that I've got heaps of exciting messages and emails piled up in my inbox but I'll be answering them all very soon! so sorry about the delay.
Tasfia is wearing Stolen Girlfriend's Club Skeletal lace tank, Stylestalker blazer, Ksubi skeleton sunglasses, Arnsdorf shorts, Rings by Estelle Deve and Chase Dakota,  Maniamania Valentine pendant, Air to My Earth Choker, Deadly Ponies Mr Mohawk bag, Topshop shoes. 
PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket After lunch, we met up with Emily... PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket After lunch we pretty much just lazed about on the lawn.Tasfia is ready to get me with a dagger for using this picture but I couldn't help myself - it is just so darn cute... PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

June 12, 2012


I hope you've all been having a super swell week. Mine as you can imagine hasn't been all too exciting. BUT with the end of exams closely nearing, it also means that my fab vacation to Greece and Turkey is coming closer and closer! Anyway, I have so many exciting new wardrobe newbies to share with you starting with this little number by August Street - a new Australian label that is creating all kinds of new cool. This panelled dress just has the perfect combinations of colours, textures and prints. Such a great winter number, particularly when paired with some badass jewellery and shades and maybe with a little blue hair to top it off too ;D (hehe)  Also, I'm sorry about the delay but I've finally randomly chosen the winner to my Boticca giveaway - HANNAH SADLER! congrats :) For all of you have missed out, be sure to check out their site xx 
I'm wearing: History dress courtesy of August Street, Maniamania necklaces, Karen Walker Number One sunglasses

June 10, 2012


While I'm trolling along with my exams, I thought I'd leave you with some glimpses into my life from Instragram. Instagram is my ultimate form of procrastination. If you don't have an instagram account, you don't know what you are missing out on in life hehe... Oh and if you feel like you want to see more - my instagram ID Is fablihareza
Photobucket 1. Matching neon twin shoes by Provensen, 2. Tasfia channeling some 60s vibes in Lover jeans, 3. Delicious desserts from Freestyle Tout 4. twin blazer day to Uni, 5. Florals, 6. Tasfia with some cool kids in an an alley 7.Melbourne shopping, 8. Me with my girl Anastasia, 9. Amazing breakfast from Buzz Bistro 10. Tasfia at our favourite Sushi place, 11. What I'm really doing 90% of the time, 12.My favourite summer outfit; by Arnsdorf, 13. A divine dessert from the Stokehouse, 14. prowling the night with Emily back in my black hair days, 15. Selfie 16. Flannel PJs with our cat Claudius, 17. Harajuku Gyoza, 18. Gorgeous Emily and Tasfia, 19. Bling. 20 Tomfoolery in the IG'ZIST photo booth with Bianca and Nora, 21.Cupcakes from Poppy's 22. Exam tiredness, 23. New shades, 24. Goodies from August Street.

June 5, 2012


So here's a 'simpler' outfit Tas wore to Uni a few  weeks ago on a dressing for comfort kind of day. I bet you're tired already of seeing Tasfia wearing this Ksubi blazer over and over, but you just can't get it off her this season! I think Ksubi has quickly become one of our absolute favourite designers. It puts denim, tartan, leopard print, camouflage print (four textures that we'd probably usually stray away from) into the coolest, most perfect combinations - almost that 'so wrong, that its so right vibe' - well anyway it is killer! Also, another part of this outfit, Tasfia's Equipment shirt, is something that we've been obsessing over... I think Equipment makes the most indulgent shirts in the world... its not so much how it looks but rather how it feels...and serisouly it feels like heaven! so If you've never felt an equipment shirt before, you don't know what you're missing out in life ;) (hehe...)
Tasfia is wearing: Ksubi Panelled Zip blazer, Ksubi spray on dirty cammo  jeans, Equipment neon shirt, Karen Walker Harvest sunglasses, Beau Coops for Karen Walker shoes