December 3, 2011

Tokyo I: Shopping In Shibuya and Harajuku

Heya all,
Sorry for being away from you for so long - I've been overseas for the last few weeks and so haven't had much of a chance to blog...
here are my first lot of pictures from our travels in Japan
I'm wearing: BCBG Max Azaria dress, Gail Sorronda pom pom scarf, Chronicles of Never sunglasses, Wayne Cooper bag (borrowed from mother), Topshop boots
Tasfia is wearing: Gestuz leather Jacket, Antipodium dress, generic black turtleneck, Beau Coops shoes, Chronicles of Never Sunglasses and Deadly Ponies bag, Maniamania necklace


  1. wow i'd love to raid your wardrobes! so many beautiful pieces.
    my favourite this time round is tasfia's two tone leather jacket. amazing!

    mel x

  2. wow. great outfits! And i so envy you of going to Japan and Korea... but great pictures and great outfits. :D

  3. "Wow do Persians love anything else besides nose jobs, fashion, BMWs, and materialism?" This is the stereo type that is constantly upheld by too many Persians. You should realize that you both have the power to take a stand and contribute something real to the world instead of superficial self indulgence and the need for praise. The world is in pretty bad shape especially Iran and other parts of the middle east and all you can do is show off "look at me". There are millions just like you out there so you are not special. Realize your power to do positive things and make a change even in a small way and stop compensating for your insecurities. Cool shoes though and love the jacket!