November 2, 2011


Do you own a dress that is like your safety blanket? that without thinking you always  turn to when you have nothing else to wear? that you turn to when you just want to feel comfy but not look like a dag or still feel great wearing? Well for me, this is definitely that dress... I have worn this dress to bits over the past few months to the extent that its probably become uniformesque to me... I find myself wearing it to Uni all the time, out and about, to work - that is the magic of it -  that it is wearable on virtually any occasion... I think I've limited myself to wearing it fortnightly now or weekly if I can't help it...
And so I decided to post  about it, to pay some homage to this delightful little dress that has been so good to me
I am wearing: Gail Sorronda Theory Dress, Gail Sorronda necklace 

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