October 31, 2011

WIKI-fashion blogger meetup

Here are some photos from the WIKI fashion blogger meetup Tas and I went to last week. We had such a great time and met so many interesting new folk... But I am currently trying to make it through the most excruciating time of year - STUDYING FOR FINAL EXAMS... I have four - Evolution, Zoology, Chemistry and Genetics - each one more painful than the next... I feel like I've been studying for these for ages but have got just about no revision done yet because I've just been procrastinating and looking at blogs and online shops and such which seem oh so tempting when you know you shouldn't be looking at them! Also I can't help looking for new things to buy to wear on my trip to Japan and Korea next month although I know I shouldn't because I will be able to buy what I need for it there...  I am so sorry that I might not be able to post so often for the next few weeks because of these deathly exams but I promise that an abundance of new posts will be coming your way as soon as my break starts and I go on my Asian adventures...
oh and check it out if you please, I was interviewed for the exciting new online magazine PITCH.  See it here :)

I wore a dress by Nomia and Necklace by Maniamania
Tasfia is wearing a feather bodysuit by Gail Sorronda, Gary Bigeni skirt, Dannijo x Vena Cava neckcuff, Deadly ponies bag
Francesca from Opinion Slave, Nora from Black Balloon and Madeleine from We Killed Couture
The lovely Chloe from Social Emissions and Kaitlyn from Modern Legacy with Tas

October 28, 2011


A rather basic outfit I sported to Uni last week
Wearing: Stolen Girlfriend's Club Python Hot Pants, Asos turtleneck, Fort84 leather jacket, Dannijo x Vena Cava gold neck cuff.

October 26, 2011


We turned nineteen today :) thank you to all the lovely people who spent the day with us today or sent out birthday wishes.
Tasfia is wearing: Gail Sorronda headband, Antipodium dress, Kenneth Jay Lane silver necklace. 

October 22, 2011

October 19, 2011


'Simple', effortless dresses such as these have become my new university fix...
I am wearing a Helmut Lang dress and ManiaMania necklace. 

October 12, 2011


When I went shopping last weekend I was determined to purchase something new as I hadn't bought anything in a while and was in serious need of some new spring clothing - At first I had absolutely no luck - I tried on so many beautiful things but nothing seemed to be exactly what I was looking for although I didn't even quite know what I was looking for myself... Until, at our last stop, the lovely girls at the Loft helped me choose out this outfit by Arnsdorf which is perhaps now one of my favourite spring outfits at the moment - I have to say that the pictures do it no justice... it has beautiful green stitching throughout it which gives it this lovely,simple decadence
I am wearing: Arnsdorf cross stitch shorts, Arnsdorf scrubs top, Dannijo x Vena Cava necklace, Stella Mcartney heels.

October 9, 2011


I am so terribly sorry about being away from the blog for so very long... Its just that I am in the busiest part of the Uni semester at the moment which is soon to be over with my finals approaching... On the plus side, our nineteenth birthday is coming up and we are also in the midst of planning an exiting trip to Japan and Korea for December - if any one has any suggestions as to where to visit and where to shop - I would love to hear about them! also, we've made a number of exciting new purchases which I can't wait to share with you :) xx
Tasfia is wearing: The Eleventh Hour white shirt, Soot. Willow slouch pants, Louis Vuitton wedges, rings by Maniamania, YSL and vintage (from markets) and Maniamania room 341 necklace, Joshua Hall ear cuff
I am wearing: Alexander Wang Dress, Stella Mcartney heels, Dannijo x Vena Cava gold plate necklace, rings by YSL and Maniamania