December 18, 2010

London I

Tas is wearing: Arnsdorf tan vest, Romance was Born Hoochie Pants, Camilla Skovgaard shoes, Zara Coat

I am wearing: Gail Sorronda Bella Lugosi Shoulder Cover + Misc
We've been in London for quite some time now but have been much too busy to post anything until now... I didnt bring my laptop along and Tas has been hogging hers at any free moment we have had available so I havent been able to post as frequently as I planned to... However I have taken a lot of images to share with you ( and plan to take more) which I will be posting gradually over the next couple of days. Here are some pictures taken on our first day here.. Our hotel is situated literally about 10m away from Regents Park so that is where we paid our first visit to relax and unwind after a very tiring series of flightsxx

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