May 26, 2016


DRESS: Fame and Partners, SHOES: Mollini 

Attention pals: Major updates since my last post include; I can no longer take outfit posts without cracking this village idiot smile of mine just about every time -  a change which is all the more pronounced here as I'm seriously smitten with this spiffy dress! 
Fortunately, every year I have a handful of ball-type events; But this means that I'm perpetually searching for those perfect dresses of the show-stopper variety! And so, I've been pretty overjoyed since this marvellous red lace number from Fame & Partners has come into my possession! The current Fame & Partner's collection is so insanely gorgeous that I had a legit hard time committing to just one number! I can't wait to share Tasfia's pick from this collection with you cuties soon too! 


January 13, 2016


Friends, can I get a hallelujah because I am finally back after an ice-age long hiatus ?! The snow of the semesters toils have melted and we've finally made a comeback; and hopefully with a bang because here is one of our classic travel diaries and my fave one yet! I bet you haven't missed my terrible puns though! :O :P

To be honest, these past few months of med school have been a bit rough and insanely busy; so much so that its been hard to break the inertia and motivate myself to take photos, browse/use Instagram, or stay up to date with anything in the realms of fashion. You may've noticed this in our seriously waning social media presence over the last couple of months...

But when I think back on it, this blog has been such a defining part of me, how I express myself and what I enjoy in my life over the last couple of years, that it saddens me that I've let it accumulate some dust over these last few months; It is fer sure my #1 resolution this year to be more proactive and give this spot of the World Wide Web the attention that it deserves :).

If you have any queries about the outfit deets in this post, ask in the comments plz. xx (there are way too many to have named ALL of the specifics so I scrapped doing it all together).